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Rules and Regulations

What is the RadioMom Shop?

The RadioMom Shop is a fundraiser for public broadcasting in Boone and surrounding counties, where your donations on merchandise and services could save you up to 75% of the retail value.

The RadioMom Shop receives merchandise and services for in-kind services provided by Community Radio Partners Corporation

The RadioMom Shop is an auction with set prices on some merchandise and services you buy every day. Proceeds benefit WIRE, Community Radio Partners Corporation, a 501(c)3 non-profit public radio station.


RadioMom Shop Rules and Regulations

If you're new to The RadioMom Shop . . . we're glad you found us!

If you're a current member, thank's for joining us.

To help you, we have supplied the following rules and regulations, which all members must follow, in order for The RadioMom Shop to bring you the savings you've come to expect.  Please read these carefully.


Become a Member

To become a member of The RadioMom Shop, all you have to do is call (765) 482-4427 Ext. 10 and tell them you want to join. You will be given a a temporary password to your online account and will allow you to start saving right away!

You can also join by going to www.radiomomshop.com or www.radiomom.fm  and registering, or CLICK HERE to register and supply yourself with your own password.

The RadioMom Shop reserves the right to refuse a membership request and to cancel a membership without notice if it is deemed necessary.


Public Broadcasting

The RadioMom Shop is a non-profit public broadcasting radio program.

All purchases made on the show are in the form of a donation to RadioMom 91.1FM in Lebanon, IN. In return, you will receive a certificate for goods and services from various businesses which are our underwriters.

When making donations for certificates on-air, you are not allowed to comment or give an opinion on the goods and services you are interested in. Just mention the name and the location of the underwriter you are inquiring about. (In accordance with FCC rules for non-commercial stations)


Using Our Certificates

It's very important to follow all restrictions and/or conditions printed on the certificates.

Customer will pay all sales tax owed when certificate is redeemed.

The total value of the certificate can only be used once.

If you use a certificate in a restaurant, you agree to leave a minimum tip of 15% of the full retail value of the meal. You are encouraged to leave more!

All lodging or resort certificates are based on availability and reservations, or other restrictions listed on the certificate.

If there is a problem, The RadioMom Shop may decide to exchange your certificate or issue RadioMom Shop credit. Member agrees that all damages shall be limited to the donation given for the certificate.

RadioMom Shop is not required to give refunds or exchanges on certificates which are deemed valid.

RadioMom Shop will not extend the expiration date on any certificates.

The RadioMom Shop may cancel membership of anyone who violates any of these rules or regulations

Want your Certificates Mailed to You?

There is a $1.00 shipping and processing fee added to any orders mailed or shipped . Orders will be shipped/mailed within three business days of the purchaase. There is also an overnight shipping option with a $25.00 fee.  For overnight orders there is a deadline of 3 p.m., Monday through Friday or 10 a.m. on Saturday. Sunday orders with overnight shipping will be shipped on Monday to be delivered the following day.

You need to pre-register your account if you want to pay by credit card. Your order will be processed and mailed to given shipping address within three business days.

The RadioMom Shop is not responsible for certificates that are delayed or lost by the U.S. Post Office or stolen from your mailbox.


Change Back

If the full value of the certificate is not used, there will be no change or credit given. The remainder of the certificate has no value.


You are responsible for all taxes which will be collected by the business when the certificate is used.


Always tip 15% or more of the retail value of the certificate when a gratuity is expected. You may not use the remainder of a certificate as a tip.

 Expiration Dates

All certificates have an expiration date. The certificate MUST be used before that date. If a certificate has expired it has NO VALUE. Expired certificates cannot be used or exchanged for another.


A Certificate is Like Money

You should treat your certificate just like cash. If it's stolen or lost, it's gone. Anyone can take the certificate and use it



If a certificate gets torn or damaged in any way, it will be up to the merchant whether or not to accept it. The RadioMom Shop will not replace any certificate that has been damaged.



Many certificates have restrictions printed on them such as "One certificate per visit", "Reservations Required", "Good only Monday through Friday" etc. Make sure you know and understand these restrictions before you make your donation.

The RadioMom shop will help you to understand what is required to redeem your certificates. You must follow any rules or restrictions before your certificate will be accepted by the business.



If a member feels like they have met all the restrictions and the business is refusing our certificate, please call The RadioMom Shop. We can usually solve any problems that might occur. Do not contact the business, contact us at (765) 482-4427 Ext. 10.


Value of Certificates

In matters involving refunds or exchanges of valid non-expired certificates, The RadioMom Shop will only recognize the amount that was actually donated for a certificate. For example, if you donate $25 for a $50 certificate, we will only be responsible for $25. The refund will be in the form of a credit to buy other RadioMom Shop merchandise and services.


Tell Everyone About it!

When you use your certificates, be sure to tell the business you're glad they were available on The RadioMom Shop. Let them know you enjoyed yourself and will be back for more!

If your family and friends would like to save money too, let them know about The RadioMom Shop.


Thank you for supporting Public Broadcasting and RadioMom!